Company Info

Professional conduct, honest and reliable are the Tenet of "Titan Employment Agency"

We offer the perfect matching service : to help Hong Kong employers to hire the "Good quality maids " from Philippine , Indonesia and other foreign countries ; and to assist the foreign maids to find " good employers " , We aiming to become a model for the employment services industry ;

" Titan Employment Agency " provides computerized selection of maid service, as a result employers are able to pick up the domestic foreign helpers in the most accurate , the most convenient and quickest way. Employers can experience our pursuit of high quality services when choosing our agency company.

" Titan Employement Agency " has professional consultant to monitor and report every details of the entire hiring process to the employers, employers don't have to be worried and can be relieved. Customer oriented will be the aim of "Titan Employment Agency" in considering employers' needs and satisfaction as their major priorities. We will constantly improve our service, make our business more efficient and systematic so as to become a model for the industry .